Friday, November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Poop, Pizza, and Quotes (Week 2)

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There is nothing like the look on your husband's face when you carry in a poopy cloth diaper that's been sitting in the car for a week instead of the pizza you were supposed to remember to pick up.


Yesterday, someone asked me when my due date was. I had the baby two months ago. Thanks stranger, thanks a lot.


You know you are hearing your own words back at you when your toddler (while looking at a book about cats), starts talking about how the fish is hungry and should eat his vegetables.


And another Titus quote while looking at the photo album: "Susan look angry. Maybe. She should. Take a nap." An excellent solution for all problems, M'boy.


While driving today, I saw the car in front of me had peeled off their Obama sticker. It's ok buddy, a lot of people made that mistake. Make better choices next time.


I absolutely cannot wait to use this quote in conversation: "Between impulse and action, there is a nebulous realm of curtsey that is begging to make your acquaintance." I will feel so very cunning. And pray they don't figure out it's a Star Trek quote.


This man is my hero.

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  1. I definitely quoted you from #5 the other day while driving with Brian. Just so ya know.

    <3 jeni