Friday, November 15, 2013

Quick Takes: Week 1

See everyone else's seven diddy's here.


Have you ever created something viral? At a mere two and a quarter, little Titus has his first. It all begins with me mentioning his baby friend was learning to crawl. Suddenly, every time Gus breathed moved, he was "Ler-ning!" My friend started saying it. Her Mother-in-Law started saying it. The MIL's coworkers have picked it up. Basically, it's coming to a neighborhood near you at any moment.

And another quote:
"No. Clip Nail. Mommy. Bad choice."


This girl doesn't know she's two months. Yes, she is standing in that picture. No I did not photo shop my hands out. Other tricks include rolling over both ways by four weeks, sleeping for blissfully long stretches every night, and waiting patiently when I say I'm helping her brother and will be there in a moment.


It's impossible to make it through the first three (or more) reviews of this without laughing. Try it.


This is my fourth atempt to start a blog. I even have old opening posts to prove it. They aren't very good.


Five is the amounts of seconds I hesitated before hitting publish on the first post. What kind of crazy person starts two HUGE projects at the same with two kids? This one, that's who. I've pledged to go through all my cookbook/homemaker type ebooks Did I mention there are about 100 of them? (and cook the new foods for dinner/lunch/breakfast) to make a "mom-binder" full of all the stuff I've learned, recipes, meal plans, organizational goodies, unicorn hunting tips, home pirate defenses, and other such helpful things.  And blog 2-3 a week.


1 crazy person= 2 projects + 2 kids + 1 huge batch of unfamiliar recipes

Six is the approximate number of times a week I get toothpaste on my shirt necessitating: a change of shirt Let's be honest, that never happens- who wants to do more laundry? A careless shrug of the shoulders, thinking "I have two kids with me, strangers will understand," or "eh, glad I'm still in my PJs at noon" but now I have third option. It's jacket weather! If you ever see me in my coat sweating because it's seventy, now you know why.


My husband has had has pinkeye. Don't get 7 year olds get that? Also, some fool put her head on his pillow to nap. Updates to follow.  Despite blood-red vampire eyes, he's still extremely handsome. Edit: He wrote that.

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