Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Skyward Sword and Throwing Up

Doesn't that title just make it sound like I'm about the make a really cool analogy between an excellent video game and mom life? Don't be fooled.

In addition to battling monsters, your sword can collect money. How does that make sense?

Here's the scoop:

I was playing skyward sword during the kiddos nap. (The original plan was to do dishes, but, uh, the city had cut off our water, yea, yea. Yeah, water cut off, can't do those darn dishes.) After a few hours slightly less than productive moments, Titus came wondering down hall as he always does. He sat down next to me, grabbed his controller and "played"/snuggled with me. This was normal. I was about to save (and stop playing-I promise I do other things with him sometimes), when I heard "eh-bleeeeeh."

It was his smoothie, and it wasn't coming from the cup, shall we say. Thinking this was a fluke (no one we knew has thrown up recently), I set him down halfway to the bathroom to rearrange my grip. It wasn't a fluke. Well, fine then, I finally get him to the bathroom and well, at least the rest of his stomach was empty now, eve if it happened to be on the bathroom floor. (Now, for background sake, Titus has only ever been sick once**. When he was a baby, he stuck his hand into a hand foot and mouth disease infected person's mouth and into his own at lighting speed.) Obviously, this must have been food poisoning, so the episode was registered in my brain-log as, "tell Adam after work, don't leave smoothies on the counter for 3 hours, and please Lord may that never happen again."

Two hours later: "Mommy! Mommy! Up!" I go in excited for cuddles. I come out with another load of laundry and a second shower for the day.

Forty minutes later: "Titus are you going to throw up again? You look sick." "No. I'm ok." "I'm going to hold you over the bucket just in case." "NonoNoNONONO! Heh-bleeeeeeh"

It took me this long to realize the poor kid was actually sick. Titus had been as happy as can be all day- we even had a large group playdate this morning! ... Oh no! We had a large group playdate this morning! The poor souls. (I did send them a warning.)

So, I tried to think of what would look the least disgusting coming up be gentlest on his little tummy for dinner. A peanut butter sandwich is not that thing.

I probably spent fifteen minutes with a crying baby putting ~800 layers of sheets/plastic on the beds in preparation for tonight. (Because we all know Titus will not be staying in his own bed, seeing as he never does.) Hopefully it will work. Pray for us.

Things I've learned from this:

1) When your toddler comes down the hall with his hands over his mouth, don't say "do you need a bucket?" Just get one.

2) Never think, "Ah, at least it didn't get in my hair when he threw up on me."

3) Don't send a generous, willing to stay home husband to men's poker night. It will make the sickness worse.

4) Keep the laundry moving. You will run out of rags.

5) I am actually very calm in the face of bodily fluid. My first reaction on the couch was a calm, "Oh, you threw up." (Which I actually think helped the whole day because it visibly calmed down Titus who looked terrified because he had no idea what was happening.)

Some silver lining to this all: Titus got a great chemistry lesson on baking soda and vinegar reactions and even went to bed with no fuss at all after I explained to him that sleeping will help him to get better.

**You know how true this is?: I didn't know what to do. My first thought was not "move him away from my computer that he's sitting next to," or "get rags" but rather "I need to call my mom! What do I do when a kid throws up!?"(Answer: clean, lots. And lots of laundry)

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