Thursday, January 2, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Mommy Beard, Baby Jesus and More (Week 6)

Happy Friday! Because I am lazy efficient, I've decided to shamelessly exploit use quotes from my Titus, my 2 year old.


"Touch Mommy beard?" Sorry little man, I've been growing it for 25 years and you can't even see a single hair yet.


"I stinky. Need shower." Followed by "I took shower. I not stinky...anymore!" An astute observation.


As he dashes into the kitchen to me. "Baby Jesus hungry!" He then swipes the bottle from the table and proceeds "feed" our nativity set.

Can't you just see that that little face is starving?


(Pointing at Tractor book) "Daddy ride dat one. Baby Ahnana ride dat one. Titus ride dat one. Mommy ride dat one."


Theological thought of the day: (While dancing the manger animals one by one) "How doin' Jesus?"


"Titus, what do you think this present is?" "It's a...toy?" And, ya know, he was right for every present.

My Titus' favorite present.


And one from me, since you already know Titus' from the Honey Incident. "It was like watching Titus rip up money and take a pee on the scraps." Seriously, fourteen dollars! I'm still upset about it.

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  1. Titus is such a hoot! Miss you guys, hopefully we will stop being lazy and leave our house sometime soon... ;)