Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Holy Toddlers Batman! (Week 4)

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I've experience road, road toddler rage, being all the rage, but only this week did I experience Mass rage. Not one, two old folks after Monday Mass asked if I had ever considered the cry room! For daily Mass! And, it's not as though we come everyday and my kids are horrible. 95% of the time, they are distraction free. Monday there maybe 3 fifteen seconds boughts of crying and Titus escaped to the front pew during the consecration. BUT, he was silently walking, only out of my reach. The rage!


On the flip side, nothing is more adorable than reaching back to grab your stationary two year old as you rush in late for Mass (again), only to find him genuflecting properly with Holy Water.


I FOUND MY FAVORITE SHIRT! For reference, it's been missing since winter 2011 and we have moved twice since then. It turned up under my in laws guest bed over Thanksgiving weekend. It was an far more exciting moment than the event warranted.


In order to keep him still, we recently starting giving Titus a crucifix to hold while we pray in the evenings. His assessment: "Jesus, put shoes on." Deep Theological insights from a two year old.


I got to watch my favorite showtune on television (yes I am 100 years old) last night. "No Way to Stop It." 


I wrote that last take before actually watching Sound of Music. My biggest impression is now Julie Andrews rolling in her grave. Then I realized she's still alive.


My honest and helpful malicious and lying husband informed me this Monday that I become a vile creature whenever I wean myself off of sugar. Guess what I did this week? 


  1. Chuckled all the way through this post! I didn't watch the Sound of Music. I saw a teaser for it during the Macy's parade and thought it looked underwhelming, but the truth is I just forgot about it yesterday. I just don't watch TV.

    Um, maybe I should redirect. I laughed EXCEPT at #1, which just made me angry for your sake! As for lost things turning up, I just wish that would happen with a) the library book I loathed which I now have to pay for and b) my daughter's glasses. Grr.

    1. Yeah I only watch stuff on Amazon Prime, so I actually found out about Sound of Music through my MIL who does watch TV. She knows that I like showtunes. :D

      We always loose library books! It's getting to the point of seeming crazy to borrow them since I end up paying for them anyway.

  2. #1: Wow! That would make me so upset. I think sometimes people forget that these children are God's gifts-- not just to us, but to the whole parish. If they can't see God in children then I have to wonder how much they are really getting out of mass anyway.

    1. Indeed! It was especially strange because this same group is normally quite complementary and some have even discouraged my fellow moms from leaving with their fussy toddlers.

  3. Wait--no picture of the favorite shirt Alyssa!??

    1. Um, It's kinda just a black tank top. But it is SO comfortable and perfect in every way.