Thursday, December 12, 2013

7 Quick takes: Weird Things I Do (Week 5)

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Have you ever thought to yourself, "Golly, oil all by itself has such a lovely feel to it, I think I want to keep it in my mouth for 20 minutes"? If so, you are strange. However, swishing it you mouth for that time, now that can actually be quite good for you. I may or may not have eaten so much Halloween candy one night that even my brushed teeth felt sugary; thus began the oil pulling. After the first five minutes of hating my life, it's actually not so bad. 


With the rain recently, this is a pretty accurate depiction of how Titus' feet look on a daily basis. Unfortunately for my floors, you can't take off your feet before you enter the house. 


While I would love to join my kids in barefootedness, I do realize I am an adult and have to look socially presentable when I'm out and about. Thus I have these lovelies for all my grocery shopping needs:

Well, somewhat presentable: they look even weirder on.
I would even wear them to Mass Sunday Mass (ok, they've made it to daily), but people would be all distracted by my gorilla feet instead of praying and I suppose that's no good. I do not so secretly believe in barefooted church, but that's a theory for another day.


 Last week I mentioned my sugar vampire and now I'm considering giving up refined sweeteners on a permanent basis. After going a week and a half without, I had chocolate chips Wednesday and was so fog headed that I couldn't even be mentally present and enjoy at ladies night. Are cookies really worth giving up being the fully-engaged-mom-still-has-energy-when-husband-gets-home-emotionally-balanced woman I've been? Doubtful. Unless of course, there is a plate within arms reach.

Sugar vampires: kinda like this, only lethargic and mean


I read fanfiction. Well, I read this, anyway. I love me some Harry Potter, but you must know: This story is far, far better than the original. If you haven't read it and have booku spare time, click the link. If you have read the story- please tell me! I would love to talk to fellow dangerverse-ians. Also, just sayin'.


Despite the dire warnings against drinking during pregnancy, I really enjoyed having a few glasses of wine whilst baby #2 was cooking. Said baby is WAY more easy going than #1 and her sleep is measured in hours instead of minutes I'm looking at you Titus. Coincidence? I think not.


I like butter in my coffee. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

So what about ya'll? Anything weird that you do that you'd like to share?


  1. Hahaha. You can't take your feet off before you enter, haha. Love it. Also....YES BUTTER. I gotta get off the sugars, too. They make me so grumpy. Then I get grumpy and need some sugar. It's really healthy.

    1. I had a visual of Titus trying to walk on rounded stumps and falling over and it was very funny. And, oh, the downward spiral... it's awful.

  2. I love my Vibrams. :) Except for backpacking. I tried them backpacking and my feet were COLD.

    1. Cold weather is truly their downfall. But did you know that that now make furry boot type ones now? They are so hideous, but then it's vibrams year round! :D